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RESPeRATE Health Monitors
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Lower Blood Pressure, Without Side Effects: FDA-Cleared Medical Device

Using patented technology RESPeRATE interactively guides you to perform therapeutic breathing exercises that effortlessly slows your breathing form the normal range of 14 to 18 breaths per minute to the "therapeutic zone" of under 10 breaths per minute with prolonged exhalation.  
RESPeRATE's breathing exercises are customized to you. During each exercise session, RESPeRATE automatically analyzes your normal breathing pattern and creates a  

personalized melody composed of two distinct tones to guide your breathing pattern: one tone for inhale, one for exhale. As you listen to the melody and synchronize your breathing with these tones, you will be guided to slow your breathing and prolong your exhalation, allowing you to reach the "therapeutic breathing zone". 
Within 8 weeks of use, 15 minutes per day, at least 3-4 times per week, a significant reduction in blood pressure can be achieved. After each RESPeRATE session, breathing returns to normal, but the beneficial effects on blood pressure accumulate.  
RESPeRATE's therapeutic breathing exercises lowers blood pressure by reducing the body's sympathetic neural activity, which relaxes the muscles that surround your small blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely, resulting in lower blood pressure. RESPeRATE's patented method of interactively synchronizing the inhale-exhale tones with your constantly changing breathing pattern is key to maximizing the effectiveness of the therapy as it allows you to effortlessly reach the "therapeutic breathing zone".  
First, you'll place the elastic belt with the respiration sensor around your torso, over your clothes. Then, you'll put on the headphones and breathe normally. 
RESPeRATE will then automatically analyze your normal breathing pattern and create a personalized melody composed of two distinct tones, which will guide you to inhale and exhale. 

You'll simply listen to the melody and synchronize your breathing to the tones - inhale with one tone, exhale with the other. By prolonging your exhalation, RESPeRATE effortlessly shows your breathing and guides you to the "therapeutic zone" of under 10 breaths a minute.  
A typical exercise session takes only 15 minutes. Significant and sustained reductions can be achieved by consistently performing 45 minutes of therapeutic breathing per week.  

After each RESPeRATE exercise sessions, your breathing returns to normal but the beneficial effects of the exercise continue to accumulate.

RESPeRATE is interactive, which means that during each session it constantly and automatically adjusts and customizes the melody to optimally guide your breathing according to your individual needs.  
  Patented RESPeRATE device
  Patented respiration sensor on an elastic belt
  User manuals and instructional video
  Four AA batteries

You can find more information at including testimonials, a brief product demonstration video, which is viewable online, clinical information for you and your doctor and much more.