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Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, Gaiam is a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable  economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development.
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UV Home Air Sanitizer
UV light is effective in eliminating airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi in hospitals. Now you can use the same technology at home.
Was $199, Now $159
AllerSoft Bedding
Gaiam mattress barriers, pillow encasements and comforter covers can limit exposure to mites and their wastea primary agent in the development of asthma.
Was $95-$145
Now $76-$108
AllerSoft Pillows
Covered with hypoallergenic fabric, AllerSoft Pillows are designed to remain dust-mite free forever without sacrificing comfort. Hypoallergenic fill feels like goose down.
Was $25-45, Now $20-36
Natural Allergy Relief Cleaners
Launder, shampoo and spray allergens out of your life with Allergy Relief Cleaners. All are tannic acid-free and biodegradable.
Was $14-24, Now $10-18
Ultraslim Air Filter
With quiet, proven HEPA air-cleaning efficiency, this sleek air purifier inconspicuously cleans the air in your home using very little energy. Complements any decor.
Was $160, Now $119.99
Healthway Air Purification System
Making its mark with the most significant filtration advancement in years, this system offers the most advanced allergy protection available.
Was $599, Now $479
This small yet powerful filtration device plugs right into a standard outlet, using corona-discharge technology to neutralize air pollutants in any room.
Was $40, Now $32
Royale Handheld Massage Showerhead
This innovative showerhead uses a KDF filter and has five powerful settings that range from fine mist to full massage spray. Easy to install.
See site for pricing.
Save 40% on Organic Cotton
Paisley Percale Sheets
That's an additional 20% Off Our Advertised 20% Off Prices!

These are unprecedented prices for organic cotton sheet sets just $42 for twin and $66 for king and we’re excited to bring this special offer to you, one of our valued email customers. Our exclusive, boldly patterned sheets are anything but mundane, printed in beautiful low eco-impact jewel tones. Add eco-friendly flair to your bedroom in coral or turquoise, and save 40%.

Having fun is one of the best motivators for any fitness routine and our brightly
colored mats, bags and BalanceBalls definitely rev up the fun factor. Infuse your
workout with these high-energy accessories and get a fresh perspective.

Shop now and save 25%. Hurry 2 weeks only! Offer expires 4/14/05.
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Have a Ball
with Brightly Colored BalanceBall Kits

Vintage Paisley Balance Ball Kit

Tie Dye Balance Ball Kit

For 2 Weeks Only
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Show Your True Colors
with Bold, Functional
Mat Bags

Retro Stripe Mat Bag

Paisley Yoga Mat Carrier

For 2 Weeks Only
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Move Yourself
with Vibrant, Playful
Yoga Mats

Retro Stripe Yoga Mat

Paisley Yoga Mat

We create our exclusive DVDs and videos with America's most
respected and popular instructors -- experts in strength training,
core fusion, efficient cardio techniques and smart body mechanics,
as well as leading-edge mind-body workout techniques. The result?
More efficient workouts in less time -- and more satisfaction from
your workout, because with Gaiam you'll go beyond physique.
Add variety and intensity to your Pilates practice. This total-body
routine sculpts, strengthens and increases flexibility. 1 lb.
weighted ball included.
60% OFF!
Sale $7.99
This collection of Gaiam media programs focuses on weight loss and
how to achieve it successfully and consistently with help from
acclaimed yoga instructor Suzanne Deason.
80% OFF!
Sale $11.99
Ideal for studio or gym, the versatile Yoga Pack sports a padded
bottom, zippered top and back, uniquely designed yoga mat sleeve,
two front zip pockets, single carrying strap and an interior pocket
and key hook.
75% OFF!
Sale $11.99
Get more from power walking with this motivating three-dimensional
workout. Includes soft-grip hand weights, Fitness Strap and
multi-tempo music tracks.
65% OFF!
Sale $9.99