Removing Black Hair Dye - Tips on how to remove black hair dye from hair
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.Removing Black Hair Dye
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Bath And Body
Removing Black Hair Dye - How To Remove
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Removing Black Hair Dye From Hair - Tips From Site Visitors
Suave's Clarifying Shampoo or Clairol's Herbal Essences Clarifying/Residue Removal Shampoo.  Both are good for taking out hair dye better that most shampoos.

Visit a hairdresser and try to get it lightened.

Visit a hair supply store and buy some powder bleach or get a streaking kit with powder bleach from the drugstore.  Add equal parts water and a shampoo/conditioner blend.  Mix thoroughly until it has a creamy consistency.  Apply evenly and quickly.  Emulsify like you are applying shampoo and keep an eye on it with a mirror and when you see it lighten a bit, remove.  Repeat as neccesary, usually once or twice should do the trick.  By swapping the water/shampoo/conditioner mix for the peroxide, it slows down and weakens the overall bleaching process and gives you more room for error.

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